About Northern Fire Equipment

Northern Fire Equipment Northern Fire Equipment is a fire apparatus and equipment company located about six miles north of Watertown, New York. We have over 12,000 square feet of repair facilities, and eleven employees. Our employees' combine for over 150 years of experience. We've been in business since 1979, and have State and NAEVT certifications.

Due to the complexity of today's fire apparatus, Northern Fire Equipment strongly feels, as part of your fire apparatus purchase, that you should strongly consider service and support after the sale. Salesmen are everywhere, but it is important to consider what is available for service and support after the delivery.

Northern Fire owns and operates two mobile service vehicles, as well as a full repair facility in Watertown, New York. We are an authorized Alexis Fire Equipment Service Center. Our service capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Northern Fire Equipment is not limited to new apparatus sales and service. We also offer the following products and services:


Alexis Fire Equipment Dealer & Service Center

Northern Fire Equipment Alexis Authorized Dealer and  Service CenterNorthern Fire Equipment is an authorized Alexis Fire Equipment Dealer and Service Center. We own and operate two mobile service vehicles, as well as a full repair facility in Watertown, New York.

ince the company was founded in 1947, Alexis Fire Equipment has evolved and grown from a small fabrication shop with the limited capacity to hold only four units at a time, to a sophisticated business that now spans over 55,000 square feet and employs over 75 skilled engineers, craftsmen, and mechanics — a figure that continues to grow. As one of the only remaining family-owned fire equipment manufacturers in the Midwest, Alexis continues to instill the tradition of product excellence, acute customer care, and superior service.

Over the past few years, Alexis has expanded its product line to include not only uniquely custom-built aerials, rescues and pumpers, but also law enforcement vehicles, fire/rescue watercraft, and is now introducing a ambulance partnership with AEV and McCoy Miller. And for those customers who are not interested in a completely custom-built vehicle, Alexis has done most of the work for you with their exclusive line of Specialty Vehicles featuring the Response 1, Vision Series, and the new Engine 1 series — designs based on decades of experience building fire trucks and truly understanding the needs of firemen and rescue workers. This significant list of added products and offerings in less than four years, provides proof that Alexis is a dynamic and growing competitor in the fire industry, and will continue to exceed customer expectations in both personal attention and product quality.

Unlike most fire equipment manufacturers who promise custom fire trucks, Alexis actually delivers on the meaning of custom-crafted apparatus. Working side-by-side with each customer, Alexis will construct your vehicle based on your specific department’s needs, and you can view the progress of your truck online weekly. The Alexis team — from the best engineers and draftsmen to highly skilled mechanics and craftsmen — build your truck from the ground up. No standard packages or machine-assembly line. An Alexis truck is as unique as our customers. Never counted as a number. Only as part of the Alexis family and legacy.

Call (315) 788-8217 to setup a demo of Alexis apparatus.